Meet Jen

Hi, I'm Jen.

This Is My Tale of Failure…And Success.


Now let me get to the nitty gritty of what I went through and how I overcame the obstacles that were crushing me.

I was born to be an entrepreneur. Ever since I was little, I had an interest in starting my own business and had a few back then as well. In my 20s, I started a consulting company – and while it initially proved very successful, it quickly deteriorated. I thought that pumping as many hours as possible into the business would do the trick…but I was wrong.

My health suffered terribly. I was struggling with chronic aches and pains, terrible fatigue, and everything in my life felt like a burden. I was eventually forced to see a doctor and, while getting scans done, I suddenly collapsed. This episode made me realize that I couldn’t continue in this way…so I made a truly radical choice.

I left it all behind.

I walked away from my business, my marriage, even some of my friends. I went on a solo journey of discovery, desperate to understand what my new direction should be. I devoured one personal development book after another, and it was at this stage that I found the answer I was looking for…



This is a psychological technique where your unconscious beliefs can be targeted and altered. Once I received this treatment myself, I realized that I had never felt deserving or worthy of success. And this is why my business would never succeed.

If I wanted to change my reality, I had to change my mindset, and hypnosis helped me do it. Now, I am an enormously successful businesswoman and I help other women achieve their own success by treating them as a certified hypnotherapist myself.

The ripple effects of altering your mindset are enormous. Not only does it boost your financial standing, but it also enriches all your relationships and every other aspect of your life.

So, if you’re fed up with being stuck in one place in your business, make the breakthrough with the 6 Figure Mindset today and see what hypnotherapy for business success can teach you!